Farm Fresh Berries and More

Growing With You Since 1882

Here at Spooner Farms we’re working toward our Sixth Generation as a farming family in the Puyallup Valley. Our commitment to growing quality farm fresh produce is done with your family in mind. All of our of berries are farmed for optimal flavor and hand-picked for excellence – doing our part to promote healthy, yummy snacking.

Spooner Farms…it’s a family tradition.

Guess What?

Guess What?

All of your patience and waiting have finally paid off. Sorry, we are not talking about the promotion at work. We are talking about something so much better than a corner office with a view and a parking spot with your name on it. Strawberries. That is right. In our main store, which opens on June 6th, 2022, we will be selling our delicious Spooner Strawberries. These little red gems of fruit are the first of the season. The same strawberries that some of you have been calling about since January asking for.

Follow us @spoonerfarmspuyallup on Instagram and or on Facebook for all the updates on where we will be. Stay tuned for more updates, news, and all things delicious.

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