Planning a party?

Do you love fall time? Do you know someone that does? Ever thought about having your party or special event at Spooner Farms during the Harvest Festival? Didn’t know how to ask, who to ask or if you should even ask?
Guess what?! Now reserving your spot is easy.

You can invite your family and friends to a magical celebration where Spooner-filled fun is around every corner. Spooner Farms has a room that can accommodate up to 45 people. The room is decorated with a harvest theme. That means you do not have to worry about decorating. You get to concentrate on narrowing the list down from the hundreds of friends you have to 45.

Wait there is more. You can get special deals on all the fun activities while you are here as well. We put together two time and money-saving packages to make planning even easier. So helpful we know. All you have to do is head over to the events page, fill out a form, and ta-da. See you soon.

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